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S5E4 – Atlantis

Adventure! Daring! Needlessly racist worldbuilding! Come to Atlantis, we have two halves of two movies to half-give you.

S5E3 – The Emperor’s New Groove

When we talk about the way Disney makes movies, it’s a given that these people are good at their jobs and executing on their plan in the best possible way. That is not always the case, as in The Emperor’s New Groove, a movie that did not get ‘made’ as much as it was ‘congealed.’

S5E2 – Dinosaur

What do Lockheed Martin, Liam Neeson and a eighteen meter tall crane have in common with this movie? Nothing to do with the sex monkey, that’s what.

S5E1 – Fantasia 2000

When Disney made Fantasia in 1940 they looked to the future, to the notion of a spectacular world of animation with a million possible futures spinning out in front of them. In 2000, they looked down at their own bellybutton, and deemed it good.

Introducing Season 5!

Welcome to Season Five of the Disney Animated Canonball, LOST in the THIRD DIMENSION! Adrift in a sea of mediocrity after the stumbling of the end of the Renaissance, the company proceeded to make some amazing and catastrophic mistakes that only an international media empire can make!

S4E34 – Tarzan

The rare example of a movie that’s better if you have literally no audio than if you do, Tarzan takes a classic and extremely racist story and makes it? Less? Bad?

S4E33 – Mu Lan

With the help and insight of a friend, Fox and Talen talk about another complex movie that relates to the telling of an Asian story; both in how it views the world, and how that view of the world is moulded and warped around the cultural impositions of the imperial presence.

S4E32 – Hercules

When this movie was premiered in Greece, the country were so mad they cancelled Disney’s promotional events. This episode had some recording problems which we have accommodated as best we can.

S4E31 – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Feel the stones around you shiver as you make your way through the vaulted halls of history and experience the kind of dizzying high that only Disney can make, and only Jason Alexander can truly ruin.

S4E30 – Pocahontas

A long sharp intake of breath as we gingerly dismantle the legacy of a movie that has definitely got some problems but is also a better movie than its reputation holds it to.