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S5E11 – Bolt

Dog movie dog movie dog movie dog movie! And thank goodness for it, as Bolt sets the precedent for Disney’s competent 3d storytelling going forward.

S6E10 – Meet The Robinsons

An auteur makes a movie about something deeply personal but unfortunately, isn’t able to make the actual movie into anything worth watching.

S5E9 – Chicken Little

Wow, it’s a deep dark well the Disney Studios fall into when they try and make a story that matches Shrek for irreverent and approachable tone.

S5E7 – Brother Bear

Walt Disney makes another Phil Collins movie while trying to make The Lion King 2, but King Lear, but with Bears, and it all gets stitched together by people who could finish a project, but not actually make a project.

S5E6 – Treasure Planet

What if Disney hero boys were like, attractive, and interesting, and not boring cutouts for Disney princess to latch on to? What if their stories were about what it was like to find a surrogate father, and for that love to be complex? What if there were hoverboards and street racing over molten gold? What if?

S5E5 – Lilo & Stitch

Talen’s favourite Disney animated feature film, Lilo and Stitch is a 2002 escapee of a low budget and low expectations that nonetheless got to reshape the world and of course, etch a place on Talen’s heart.

S5E4 – Atlantis

Adventure! Daring! Needlessly racist worldbuilding! Come to Atlantis, we have two halves of two movies to half-give you.

S5E3 – The Emperor’s New Groove

When we talk about the way Disney makes movies, it’s a given that these people are good at their jobs and executing on their plan in the best possible way. That is not always the case, as in The Emperor’s New Groove, a movie that did not get ‘made’ as much as it was ‘congealed.’

S5E2 – Dinosaur

What do Lockheed Martin, Liam Neeson and a eighteen meter tall crane have in common with this movie? Nothing to do with the sex monkey, that’s what.