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S1E7 – Make Mine Music & Fun and Fancy Free

At a certain point you have to admit there’s almost nothing worth talking about when it comes to Disney’s compilation musical features, and that point is the first minute of the first one. But there’s still more to go so here we go!

S1E6 – Saludos Amigos & The Three Caballeros

The fantastically boring compilation musicals begin – so here, Fox and Talen compact together two half-movies into one episode. This time it’s a pair of love letters to Latin America in terms of music and song and creeping on women!

S1E5 – Bambi

Ah, fatherhood and natural order, two things that Walt Disney definitely had good opinions about that weren’t at all going to have horrifying results. Check it out in 1942’s Bambi, a movie that’s renowned for having a traumatising bit in it that really isn’t that bad if you’re already absolutely steaming mad about all the ways the movie sucks!

S1E4 – Dumbo

What’s dis? Some kinda pachydoim! Dumbo is a 1941 feature film that kinda just… Ends abruptly, just like this description will.

S1E3 – Fantasia

A technological marvel, 1940’s Fantasia literally had to invent whole new methods of stereo sound delivery for movie theatres. Fox and Talen talk at length about it and get to vent some long-standing anger about the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

S1E2 – Pinnochio

In 1940, Disney released Pinnochio, establishing a long form vision of extremely Protestant bullshit as voiced by Jiminy Cricket, the most awful character in the franchise for a long time. But don’t worry, he never gets better! Come for the weird racial stereotypes and bad locks, stick around for the inexplicably wet fire.

S1E1 – Snow White

We start the Canonball with 1937’s Snow White, a movie that is almost a century old, and absolutely wears every one of its years. Shockingly dusty from top to bottom, Fox and Talen delve into a movie that is as important to the culture as it is dreadfully boring.

Introducing Season 1!

This is your first step on a journey of SOME NUMBER of movies made by Disney, in the collection known as the Disney Animated Canon. Season 1, we’re going to look at the movies of Disney, starting with Snow White. Tune in and listen to Fox (a Disney and classic animation fan) and Talen (a media studies scholar and former cultist) as they look at the legacy of Walt Disney and the Disney company on its way from Scrappy Little Union Busters to The Great Global Empire.