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S2E16 – The Jungle Book

Another instance of a classic book being turned into an animated feature, 1967’s Jungle Book shows the way the world shakes and changes in Disney’s wake, with animators finding new ways to make animation happen in their new workflow and new environment. Oh and they were going to try and get the Beatles in this one.

S2E15 – The Sword In The Stone

Beginning the trend of Disney media, it’s time to take another important and foundational story of the culture and reprocess it into a sludgey goo full of American ideology to make sure everyone knows the world as Walt Disney shapes it!

S2E14 – 101 Dalmations

Dog movie dog movie dog movie! But in this case it’s a boring one. Oh well. A wonderful excursion in animation that just happens to also feature obnoxious characters and a vision of privilege that can be quite sickening.

S2E13 – Sleeping Beauty

There’s only so much a movie can do with a five minute bedtime story, but once again Disney find a way to do it, with wonderful riotous visual effects that are completely unnecessary and at least one wielded fish.

S2E12 – Lady & The Tramp

Dog movie dog movie dog movie dog movie! A new vision of technological development let the Disney company use their animation for one of the things it’s the best at – the truly inhuman!

S2E11 – Peter Pan

Peter Pan is the most obnoxious character Disney has made so far, taking the crown from Jiminy Cricket, and then there’s a whole extra story of how terribly the actor was treated. Content warning for child abuse in 1953’s Peter Pan!

S2E10 – Alice In Wonderland

In 1951, Disney released Alice in Wonderland, a book that would be treated by most as unadaptable, showing how you should never trust that word. Fox and Talen talk about the source material, the weirdness of its translation and what the movie overall has to say, and whether or not it lands now. There’s a talk of camera technique!

S2E9 – Cinderella

Disney begins a new trend, which is ‘show feet.’ Cinderella takes a five minute bedtime story and pads it out for an hour, to no proper avail. But let’s talk about the way that you humanise a mouse by giving it clothes and therefore, anxiety.

Introducing Season 2

Welcome to Season Two of the Disney Animated Canonball, The Last Glass Of Cigarette! Suddenly feature films are possible, and the movies get more ambitious and the animators get more ornate. One or two of these movies is actually good!