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S3E24 – Oliver & Company

The most unintentionally 80s thing ever made, Oliver and Company is a movie that sounds like a punchline to a joke about bad animatied movies, featuring Billy Joel as a street-wise singing dog. It’s an adaptation of Oliver Twist, and Talen has OPINIONS on that!

S3E23 – The Great Mouse Detective

Sherlock Holmes is a tricky character to adapt so Disney decided to do it by making him a mouse and hiding all the cocaine. In 1986, we got to see the results of it with Basil the Mouse Detective.

S3E22 – The Black Cauldron

Hey, you want to start an argument? Suggest this was the first Disney movie with CG animation and watch people bicker. After the gut-shot of the animation department in Fox and the Hound, the story of Disney continues with this brutal box office failure and adaptational mess which really has a better idea at the heart of it than it deserves.

S3E21 – The Fox & The Hound

The ongoing twisting of Disney in this thrashing period has the apocalyptic title The Fox and the Hound where a whole generation of animators walked out of the studio.

S3E20 – The Rescuers

In 1977’s The Rescuers, we follow the story of a pair of mice saving a little girl from ocean-side spelunking, something that any good or sensible person would rightly find more terrifying than crocodiles playing the organ. Bonus: Racist turtle.

S3E18 – Robin Hood

And the furries go wild! It’s time for the release of a fun, lively adventure where a handsome fox and his handsome bestie woo a handsome lady for handsome rewards!

S3E17 – The Aristocats

Okay, gunna level with you: This one’s gunna have some racisms in it. The Aristocats, the 1970 Disney Feature includes a fantastically long lived and old actor, and a box that smells like poop!

Introducing Season 3

Welcome to Season Three of the Disney Animated Canonball, Swaggle Rock! Thus begins the secondary industry period of Walt Disney, which is finding ways to make Furries give them money. An entire generation of animators given the time and space to half all their asses.